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7 April 2022
Sand to the Machine

Gönül ne kahve ister ne kahvehane The heart neither desires coffee nor coffee house Gönül sohbet ister kahve bahane The heart desires a conversation, and coffee is just an excuse Kahve kadar aziz telvesi kadar zengin ol Be as rich as coffee ground, as saintly as coffee Bir fincan kahvenin kırk yıl hatırı varmış A […]

4 February 2022
Popular Sandwiches & Toasted Sandwiches In Turkiye

Kumru Kumru got its name from the bird because the bread of Kumru looks like the Kumru(Eurasian collared dove) Bird. The sandwich got popular in the 20th century. The sandwich’s secret is its soft chickpea sourdough which makes you eat more each time. It usually comes with tomatoes, sausage, and cheese.  Yengen Yengen means your […]

7 May 2021
POST Promise

To Our Valued Customers, We understand that during these uncertain times, there are many questions about the next wave of reopening businesses across Canada.  As a proud member of Galata Cafe, we are making a commitment to our customers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by taking part in a program called the POST […]

28 April 2021
New menu item: Açma Sandwich

Açma can be found in most bakeries in Turkey. It’s famous with its softness . We were making Açma as special for sometime. After trying out as a special, we have decided to make it permanent menu item. Açma is made with soft dough, twisted and filled with butter inside to give extra texture and […]

23 February 2021
Lahmacun makes you believe

Lahmacun means dough with meat in and it was originated in the Levantine region people who spoke Aramaic and it passed on the language Arabic and it could be traced back to Syria. It got popular in the entire Middle East in the Ottoman Empire period. Lahmacun has two traditional recipes in Turkish cuisine. One […]

30 June 2020
Covid-19 Update: How to receive online orders with your WordPress website.

Thank you very much for supporting us through these hard times. We want to give it back to the community. We liked the idea of apps and the convenience of using them over the years. There is nothing wrong with the technology or how it is applied, but they cost a lot. We canceled all […]