Gönül ne kahve ister ne kahvehane

The heart neither desires coffee nor coffee house

Gönül sohbet ister kahve bahane

The heart desires a conversation, and coffee is just an excuse

Kahve kadar aziz telvesi kadar zengin ol

Be as rich as coffee ground, as saintly as coffee

Bir fincan kahvenin kırk yıl hatırı varmış

A cup of coffee has forty years of memory

Traditional Turkish coffee in cezve is prepared on hot sand.

Making Turkish coffee is such a tedious process. Making the coffee is a more extensive process, but preparing at home takes time. First, you put the coffee grounds into the cezve ( the special pot for the coffee), then you put one cup of water, and if you want some sugar, you put sugar. Yes, you put sugar when you prepare Turkish coffee because it is hard to put sugar after you are done with the entire coffee process. After all, coffee grounds sit at the bottom of the cup, and it is hard to steer the coffee after you pour it into the cup. The cooking process is another level. When you cook, you have to wait for the foam to rise, and when it rises, you take the cezve from the stove and pour it into the cups

Back then, you had all this process. Even people make coffee on hot sand (an excellent way to not waste the sun’s energy on the sand). You may find coffee makers in Istanbul that uses sand to prepare coffee. So the traditional sand-making process is an excellent show to watch.

Coffee making on the sand. Alternative coffee brewing method

But there is a new way of making Turkish coffee I want to talk about. It has been there for ten years. Not so new, but compared to Turkish Coffee history, it is quite new. The first machine trials came to the market around 2004, but they were not as effective as the recent ten years of process. Arçelik brand came with a machine model name Telve (means coffee ground). In 2012 they came up with three different innovations. The machine sprinkles the water and steers itself; secondly, it understands the cooking temperature, and third prevents the overflow. These were remarkable inventions, and they saved lots of time spent over the stove top. So it is remarkable, and still, they develop the machine even better and more durable each year. You only need to put the coffee, water, and sugar for the new machines, press the button, and the coffee is ready in a minute. Some machines have their own water compartments, so sometimes, it is as simple as putting the coffee and letting the machine do the rest. So no more to be afraid of the foam is the right amount or if you overcooked the coffee or other worries.

The future is bright, and it will get even more promising. Still, if you want to enjoy coffee on the sand, it is a fantastic experience. Since coffee is just an excuse for good conversations making it on sand or the machine does not matter.