Kumru got its name from the bird because the bread of Kumru looks like the Kumru(Eurasian collared dove) Bird. The sandwich got popular in the 20th century. The sandwich’s secret is its soft chickpea sourdough which makes you eat more each time. It usually comes with tomatoes, sausage, and cheese. 


Yengen means your sister-in-law when a husband/boyfriend talks about their wife/girlfriend to another person in speech. According to the city legend, one day, one of the toastmasters makes a sandwich with a mixture of items, and one of his friends brings his girlfriend. His friend wanted the sandwiches to be made with extra care because he wants to impress his girlfriend, so the toastmaster pays attention to the sandwiches more to make them look fancy, and it gets viral and draws people to the store. He gets so busy that he starts to get neighbors’ attention, and one nosy neighbor asks the toastmaster what does he do? And he answers jokingly by remembering his friends’ request for extra fancy sandwiches for the girlfriend and says Yengen. So, that’s the legend that gives this sandwich its name.

Ordu Tostu

This gigantic toasted bread is one of the specialties of Ordu. Its taste gets better with Sucuk (Turkish Sausage), where they cured the meat with extra care. There are special ovens to bake the bread where they smoke it with walnuts.

Ayvalık Tostu

Gigantic toasted bread of Ayvalık. Ayvalık is a famous touristic district of Balıkesir City. The toasted bread comes with sausage, pickles, tomato, kasseri cheese, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Again the bread is significant with this toast as well. Making and storing this bread is a tedious job, and in Ayvalık, they are doing it perfectly.

Döner Sandwich

The earliest known photo of döner, by James Robertson, 1855, Ottoman Empire

We all know Döner. This delicious rotisserie meat-making technique was developed in the Ottoman empire and spread worldwide. It is also known as donair, gyro, shawarma, Al-pastor, and other names. The Döner sandwich is simple and elegant. The pita bread plays a crucial role in this one as well. Suppose you would like to experience Döner. Go to Turkey and experience various types of Döner in different cities. Ankara, Bodrum, and Erzurum – Oltu play significant roles in perfecting this delicious taste.




The earliest known photo of döner, by James Robertson, 1855, Ottoman Empire

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