Açma can be found in most bakeries in Turkey. It’s famous with its softness . We were making Açma as special for sometime. After trying out as a special, we have decided to make it permanent menu item. Açma is made with soft dough, twisted and filled with butter inside to give extra texture and taste. Açma also makes an awesome sandwich. It is open for pre-orders, if you would like to buy a dozen.

You may purchase Açma (180 gr) as :

Dozen $24.00 (Open to pre-order 3 hours prior)

Half Dozen $15.00

Single $3.00

Sandwiches $7.00

MEDITERRANEAN STYLESoft açma bun with basil sauce  topped with feta cheese and tomatoes.
TURKISH SAUSAGESoft açma bun with Turkish sausage, topped with tomato , basil sauce and mozzarella cheese.
Turkey breastSoft açma bun with sliced turkey breast with tomatoes,mayonnaise and havarti cheese.

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