Thank you very much for supporting us through these hard times. We want to give it back to the community.

We liked the idea of apps and the convenience of using them over the years. There is nothing wrong with the technology or how it is applied, but they cost a lot. We canceled all the delivery applications and started to build our online pickup service with existing online tools. There is no commission fee or network charges with this one. It needs a little bit of work. 

To implement this, you need to have WordPress running website. Most of the hosting solutions provide WordPress quick installation.

1. Install an SSL certificate to your hosting. Please ask your hosting provider to implement an SSL certificate. There are free SSL certificates available online. Using them will save you some money.

For free SSL:

2. Install Woocommerce: Woocommerce is an application plugin that creates your shopping cart. Go to your plug-in page, click add new and search for Woocommerce and install the application. Check the video to install your Woocommerce plugin.

3. Once the application is installed you need to set your store hours. This task requires another plug-in. There is a paid plugin called Opening hours and costs around 60$. You may purchase it by clicking here. This application will let you set the opening hours, closing hours of your store and lets you set pickup times. 

4. Start to add your products to WooCommerce. Adding products to WooCommerce is fairly easy. Only the complication you might get with variable products. You can watch the video instruction for variable products.

The best part of Woocommerce is that you don’t have to get credit card information from your customers. They can easily pay it when they pick up their item. Secondly, Woocommerce comes with a mobile application so you can set up your tablet or phone to receive your online orders. Also, there are tons of other features you may implement. I will leave that to your imagination.

I hope you can implement your store and share with us. Also, if you have any questions please feel free to send us an email to