Kahvalti, meaning translates to breakfast in Turkish. Breakfast is an important habit and more than having a cereal bowl on the go or having an egg wrap with a coffee. For Turkish people, kahvaltı is not just a special occasion, it is an early morning ritual with family and friends every single day.

Green olives, black olives in little plates, honey, jams, many types of cheese, and eggs with sujuk… When it comes to Turkish breakfasts,  there are many things to consider. For starters, a well-prepared tea is a must. Turkish people like drinking tea when they have breakfast. Even the name kahvalti means before coffee.

If your mornings are not as that great, Turkish breakfast might make it a little special for you and it does stand a very good chance at helping you make it through the day. Here is the list of items that you would need for Kahvaltı (Turkish Breakfast).


Bread is a big part of Turkish breakfast without Simit or Pide, you will be missing a real experience. Simit is round-shaped bread covered with sesame seeds, and even by itself, it can fill you with its’ deliciousness.


A real Turkish Breakfast must have more than one type of cheese. For your taste, you can vary cheese from goat cheese to kasseri cheese. If you are in Turkey, you can go for cheese tasting and surprise yourself in the local farmers market.

Jams & Honey

Jams are a great company for your simit and pide. Mostly sour cherry, fig, apricot and strawberry jams are common jams on the tables. Honey with kaymak ( similar to clotted cream but less dense) or butter is also a great combination. Eating honey Without kaymak would not give you the same joy.


Olives are part of kahvalti as well. Olives covered with oregano, red pepper, and virgin olive oil would make you want to go back to those Mediterranean shores.


You can not see a table without Sujuk (Turkish Sausage) with eggs or Menemen ( Vegetarian dish eggs with bell peppers, tomatoes, and chilly peppers). They are all-time kahvalti favorite dishes. Without Dipping your pide bread into them your kahvalti is not complete.

Photos by Hector Vasquez on BlogTO


Turkey consumes tea a lot and it is the most tea consuming country per population. You can always brush off your morning tiredness with a Turkish Coffee at the end.

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